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Welcome to SaveMillions!

This Web site is dedicated to helping you achieve financial freedom. It includes lots of educational information, and step-by-step processes for building all the pieces of your own personalized financial plan.

Discover everything you never knew about the "evils" of using credit cards.

Debt Management
Use our debt elimination techniques and other resources to develop a plan for becoming debt free!

After making your house and car payments, protecting your family and your assets is usually the next largest expense. Learn what types of protection you really need, and how much you can save by making a few simple and smart changes.

College Finances
If you are a parent, then one of your primary concerns is how to save money for your children's college education. Also learn about grants, loans, and scholarships, and when to apply for them. There's also money management and financial planning information for the college student and the graduate.

Estate Planning
Once reserved for the wealthy, estate planning is much more than saving money on taxes. It is all about taking steps to prepare for anytime when you might be unable to manage your affairs. This includes a will, a living will, a health care proxy, and a power of attorney, as well as trusts that can help save on estate taxes.

Money Management & Saving
Find out where your money goes every month by using our simple tools. Discover ways to trim your expenses, and create a budget so that you can start achieving your financial goals.

Retirement Plans
Follow the steps to develop your own retirement plan. Discover how little you need to save every month if you start early. Use our tools to determine how much you will really need to retire comfortably, and evaluate how well your current plan is working.

Financial Planning
Follow these easy steps to develop your own basic financial plan which ultimately will include plans from all the other sections of this Web site.

Own a Vehicle
Learn everything about buying, leasing, maintaining and selling a car.

Own a House
This includes everything purchasing, refinancing and selling a house.

Odds & Ends
Although there are certainly odds & ends in this section, such as historical facts and statistics, this is really the place to find everything else you can't find on the main pages. It also includes information on the financial aspects of marriage and other life events, such as starting that first job, having a baby, dealing with divorce, death of a spouse, and even caring for elderly family members.


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