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We all hate insurance, but try living without it!

Everyone has insurance needs. If you drive, you need automobile coverage. If you have a home, or if you rent and want to protect your possessions against loss, you need insurance. If you have family members that depend on you and your income, then you need life insurance. And everyone needs some form of health insurance. Yet, many of you don't have the necessary insurance, don't have the proper amount and type of insurance, or don't even understand the insurance that you do have.

While insurance isn't fun, it does serve a useful purpose, and the right type of insurance at the right price can put your mind at ease and protect your assets, your loved ones, and even your life. In this section, we will try and help you understand the different types of insurance, and more importantly, how to assess what you have and what you need. With a little bit of learning, you may find that it's not only easier to understand than you thought, but that you can actually get the right type and amount of insurance coverages, and often even save money.

This section contains subsections for various types of insurance protection. Each of these subsections details a process that will help you learn how to locate your policies, determine your needs, evaluate your policies, and make the necessary changes. When you are ready to begin, select the appropriate type of insurance that you want to start evaluating:

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