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What stage is your child at ?

As a parent, you will see your child through various stages of life. The planning you do, and the decisions you make regarding college for your child could make all the difference in their future. After (or sometimes before) your child is born, your first concern should be the creation of a savings plan to help offset or even fully fund the expense of a college education. As they begin their middle school years, your attention will turn to assisting them with college preparations, such as applying to various colleges and securing that precious resource called financial aid. Even when your child goes off to college, there are still more ways in which your child will need your help in addition to paying for their education. Finally, the day will come when your child graduates from college, and you (or your child) can begin to pay off those loans, while you also continue to provide advice, counsel and maybe even financial support

We recognize that each of these stages of your child's life is distinct and unique when it comes to preparing for their education, so this important aspect of financial planning is broken down into four respective sections. You can begin with the one that is most relevant to your child's stage of life, either by accessing the link below or clicking the appropriate tab above.

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