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Learn... Plan... Save for College

Steps to Build Plan
  Step 1 - Define cost
  Step 2 - Estimate assistance
  Step 3 - Evaluate plans
  Step 4 - Define goals
  Step 5 - Assess your situation
  Step 6 - Develop the plan
  Step 7 - Act now
  Step 8 - Get help
  Money College Savings Planning Calculator
  Find the annual costs of any four-year college or university
  Compare College Savings Plans
  Scholarship Search Wizard
Evaluate various savings plans

Once you determine how much you need to save or can afford to save, you need to decide what types of college saving vehicles you want to use. In addition to mutual funds, regular brokerage accounts, and bank savings accounts, there are now a number of tax-advantaged alternatives available to help you save for college.

There are six basic savings plans for college:

To help you understand the differences among these college savings options, use our Comparison of College Savings Options chart.

Step 4 - Define Your College Savings Goals

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