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Learn... Plan... Take Action... Eliminate Debt!

Steps to Build Debt Elimination Plan
  Step 1 - Assess the situation
  Step 2 - Analyze your spending
  Step 3 - Identify ways to reduce spending
  Step 4 - Develop the plan
  Step 5 - Take action
  Step 6 - Monitor the results
  Step 7 - Get help if needed
  Debt payment
  Debt evaluation
  Interest payment
  Debt worksheet (pdf)
  Debt worksheet sample (pdf)
  Debt worksheet (xls)
Develop your debt elimination plan

The key to accomplishing your financial goals is to effectively manage your credit and eliminate your debt

It's not how much you earn, it's how much you save! After all, without saving, you can't begin to accomplish any of your financial goals. If you are like most Americans, you tend to spend just a little more than you earn, and you keep thinking that when you get that raise or that new job, it'll be better. In fact, it won't ever get better until you learn to live on what you make.

If you have debt, and you don't make serious changes in your spending habits right now, you may never accomplish your financial goals!

Debt elimination entails at least the following basic steps:

Of course, there are many other steps that could be included in the process. For example, you might need to create a budget, develop a detailed financial plan, and even consider professional help to deal with compulsive spending. However, your financial success still begins by learning and following the steps outlined above to properly manage credit and eliminate debt.

Begin the process of developing your debt elimination plan

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