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Configuring your Web browser to view XLS files

A number of files in this web site use spreadsheets that were created using Microsoft Excel. They can be identified by an xls file extension. When accessing Excel files on the Web, you have two options: opening the Excel (xls) file within the browser window, or save the Excel file to your harddrive and then open it using Microsoft Excel®. If you are using Internet Explorer, the file should automatically open in your browser. If you are using Netscape as your browser, you will need to save the file to your harddrive, or configure your browser to recognize the Excel file type.

If you don't have Microsoft Excel, you can download and install a Viewer. This Microsoft Excel 97/2000 Viewer is a standalone program that is available from Microsoft, free of charge. You can use Microsoft Excel 97/2000 Viewer to view, copy, zoom, and print Microsoft Excel 97 and Microsoft Excel 2000 files (Microsoft Excel versions 2.0 and greater for Windows and Microsoft Excel versions 2.2a and greater for the Macintosh are also supported).