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Improving your search results

For search, we are currently using Search Maker Pro 3.0. To improve your search results, consider the following:

  • The basic search box in the header of each page is useful for searching this website for single words or phrases. If you enter more than one word, it will automatically be considered a phrase.
  • To search for results using only part of a word, use a wildcard. For example, to search for all results related to budget, including budget, budgets, budgeting, budgeted, etc., use budget*. The asterisk ( * ) is a valid wildcard character that can be used anywhere in the word, and as many times as you choose. In the above example, you could use *udg* and get the same results.
  • If you want to to refine your search, such as limit the number of returns or include the matching portion of the text, you will need to use Advanced Search.