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Home business insurance

Are you risking more than you can afford to lose?

An icy patch on the front walk, a slick floor or steps, or even a careless misstep and all of a sudden someone is injured. Then, before you know it, you are being sued for a considerable sum of money. Enough to put you out of business and threaten your other assets as well, not the least of which is your home.

Yet many home business owners are unaware of the risk they're taking -- often because they think they're covered under their homeowners policy. And that's a dangerous misconception. Homeowners insurance was never designed to cover business losses. Umbrella policies weren't either.

So if it's the client in your office or a child in your daycare who slips and falls -- as opposed to the neighbor who stops in for coffee -- you'd have no liability coverage to protect you in the event of a lawsuit. While this is probably the most serious risk you face as a home business owner, it's certainly not the only one.

If you're running a business at home, you have unique insurance exposures which are not covered by your homeowners insurance policy. You need specialized business protection that covers liability, property damage, and even lost income. It's time now to make sure that you have the correct type and amount of insurance. If you already have a policy for your home business, continue with the next step. If you don't have a policy and may need one, proceed to the education step.

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