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Pet insurance

Bringing a family pet into your home can add companionship and security to your life. It can even help teach the kids about being responsible members of the family. Choosing the pet that fits into your lifestyle is filled with decisions. Future owners should consider breed, sex, feeding and walking schedules, sleeping arrangements, and health care for the life of the pet.

Caring for your pet
Whether your pet is purchased from a breeder or adopted as an adult, all pets should visit, the family veterinarian for an initial visit. During this first visit, the veterinarian will examine the pet for both medical and behavioral well-being. The cost for this visit can range from $75 to $200 dollars depending on the geographic location and services provided. For example, if you have a new puppy, your veterinary costs may be higher since they require several sets of vaccinations during their first few months. Pets will require immunizations on a regular schedule and should return to the family veterinarian for an annual check-up. These veterinary bills can add up quickly, not to mention the impact that an accident or serious illness could have on your family. Aside from the emotional effects of an accident or illness, the bills for treatment could be cost prohibitive.

To financially protect your family from all of these costs and to avoid making difficult decisions, pet owners should consider purchasing a pet health insurance plan. These plans cover the medical costs of catastrophic accidents and illnesses. Some plans even help to reduce the cost of routine care.

Loss of a pet
Pet health insurance does not normally provide coverage for the loss of a pet. However, people who own exotic pets, award winning pets or pets that help the owner with daily living (seeing-eye dogs) can obtain such coverage by purchasing special private property insurance. Contact a local veterinarian or breeders association for the name of an insurance carrier that provides this type of coverage in your area.

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