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Steps to Build Plan
  Step 1 - Locate policies
  Step 2 - Get educated
  Step 3 - Determine needs
  Step 4 - Evaluate policies
  Step 5 - Make changes
  Step 6 - Get help
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Locate your insurance policy

Do you know where your insurance policies are? Does someone else know where they are in case you aren't there? It seems like a simple thing, yet most of us have our insurance policies in different drawers, different files, or we don't even know where we put them. So, the first step is to secure all of your insurance policies in one location. You can organize them in folders, envelopes, whatever you choose, but it's important that they all be in one place. If they aren't all together, right now would be a great time to do it!

Second, you need to make sure that someone you trust also knows where your insurance policies are. Should you become injured or worse, someone else needs to know where all of your important papers are, and this is especially true for your insurance documents. Having them all together in one place will make it that much easier should someone else need to locate your policies.

Step 2 - Get Educated

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