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Contemplating a change of address? Whether it's just across the street or from one coast to the other, this can be a stressful event. It's important to get organized, understand and address all of issues from the day you decide to move right up to and past moving day itself.

Hopefully, your move is due to a new opportunity, and finding a new job is not a concern. You will, however, probably need to find a place to live. Check out our other life events that address renting and homeownership if you are planning to sell or buy a house.

Researching your new area
Your first priority when moving to a new area will be to find out more about your new town. Although you can learn a lot about most towns, schools, and available real estate online, it is also advisable to contact an agent in the area. Your current insurance agents or any real estate agents that you know can be a great source for locating help on the other end of the move.

Re-adjusting your insurance needs
Another key step to any move is making adjustments to your insurance. This might include a change in coverages, or it just might be to update your contact information. It might also be evaluating these various options as part of a new employer's benefits plan. Whatever the need, make sure you address all the relevant insurance needs.

Re-adjusting your financial needs
There are other financial issues that will have to be addressed prior to or shortly after your move, and it's a great time to get organized, create a new budget, and develop a comprehensive financial plan. You might also have to deal with issues of transferring or rolling over your retirement assets from your previous company, and it's imperative that you do this correctly or you could threaten your financial future.

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