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Other financial planning information

In building content for this website, it became apparent that there is a wealth of information related to financial planning that is important but just doesn't quite fit in the main planning sections. These are shown above, and include all the aspects of owning a home, owning a vehicle, marriage, and other life events (having a baby, etc.). Although these areas don't really involve developing a written plan, they are essential to making smart money decisions which can dramatically affect your financial plan.

Additionally, as noted in the left column, this is a place for presenting all of our tools and calculators together, as well as other items that you might find interesting even though they are not directly related to financial planning. Check out the awesome weblinks (lots of fun things to do), read up on historical facts, or discover interesting odds and statistics you may not be aware of. There is also some information on taxes, ways to save money, and even protect your identity.