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Develop Your Personalized Financial Plan!

Steps to Build Plan
  Step 1 - Set goals
  Step 2 - Gather data
  Step 3 - Determine net worth
  Step 4 - Create/update your budget
  Step 5 - Define the cost of goals
  Step 6 - Assess your financial situation
  Step 7 - Develop the plan
  Step 8 - Take action
  Step 9 - Get help
  Net Worth Calculator (CNN Money)
  Net Worth Calculator (Excel)
  Average Net Worth Calculator
  Savings Calculator (Newlywedfinances)
  Goal Worksheet (Html)
  Goal Worksheet (Excel)
  Net Worth Worksheet
Other people just like us

We've all read the articles about individuals or couples on their way to becoming millionaires. Those people that make great money and manage to invest tens of thousands of dollars every year. Yes, they need financial advice, too, but their concerns are a little different than most people. For many Americans, it's a constant struggle to balance the budget and keep from going further in debt while trying to feed the family and keep the cars running, all the while fearing that emergency that's going to take what little savings they have.

Whether you are in debt, not saving enough for retirement, haven't started those college savings plans, or are just in need of a sound financial plan, it's important to know that most of America is just like you. You are not alone, in fact, you are quite normal. The links below present stories about people with issues similar to yours, who need realistic advice and guidance, and detailed financial plans, just like you!