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Develop Your Personalized Financial Plan!

Steps to Build Plan
  Step 1 - Set goals
  Step 2 - Gather data
  Step 3 - Determine net worth
  Step 4 - Create/update your budget
  Step 5 - Define the cost of goals
  Step 6 - Assess your financial situation
  Step 7 - Develop the plan
  Step 8 - Take action
  Step 9 - Get help
  Net Worth Calculator (CNN Money)
  Net Worth Calculator (Excel)
  Average Net Worth Calculator
  Savings Calculator (Newlywedfinances)
  Goal Worksheet (Html)
  Goal Worksheet (Excel)
  Net Worth Worksheet
Gather the necessary information

Now that you have defined your goals, it is time to gather the information you will need to develop your financial plan. Examples of the types of financial records that you will need include the following:

  • income (payroll, interest, dividends)
  • debt (mortgage, credit cards, loans)
  • personal expenditures
  • tax returns
  • insurance policies
  • retirement and pension statements
  • other savings or investment statements

It is imperative that you gather the most recent financial information that you have in all of these categories. The ability to develop a sound, comprehensive financial plan will depend greatly on the availability and accuracy of this data.

Step Three - Determine your net worth

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