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Develop Your Personalized Financial Plan!

Steps to Build Plan
  Step 1 - Set goals
  Step 2 - Gather data
  Step 3 - Determine net worth
  Step 4 - Create/update your budget
  Step 5 - Define the cost of goals
  Step 6 - Assess your financial situation
  Step 7 - Develop the plan
  Step 8 - Take action
  Step 9 - Get help
  Net Worth Calculator (CNN Money)
  Net Worth Calculator (Excel)
  Average Net Worth Calculator
  Savings Calculator (Newlywedfinances)
  Goal Worksheet (Html)
  Goal Worksheet (Excel)
  Net Worth Worksheet
Take immediate action

The most important thing you will do is to act on your plan. While the earlier steps are certainly necessary, if you don't actually act now, you will have gained nothing, and delays can have a serious impact on your ability to save enough to achieve your financial goals.

Through the previous steps, you should have been able to develop a basic financial plan. You should now know how much you are going to save, and in what type of plan you are going to save. If you used the Internet resources that we suggested, then you also know who has the type of plans that you are interested in. Whether you need to submit an application via the Internet or via mail, or if you need to telephone someone, the time to act is now.

Step 9 - Get Help If You Need It

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